7: Ridiculous Baking Company

Before I tried one of Adam Leach’s croissants, I had come to terms with the fact that I would never enjoy a truly delicious and authentic croissant again. I thought it was just one of those foods that cannot be veganized. Adam, founder and head baker of Ridiculous Baking Company (RBC), proved me wrong. In Episode 7, Adam and I dive into the wonderfully flaky world of sweet and savory pastry. RBC is known for both its vegan renditions of classic pastries, as well as its mouthwatering and rule-breaking mashups of our favorites. Grab a cup of coffee and listen in! As always, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share!

Show Notes:

  • Adam may be a professional baker, but he turns to Stephen McCarty for his stellar raw cheesecakes when the craving calls. Check out Stephen’s Instagram; his sweets are works of art.
  • For a filling, comforting meal, check out Flore Vegan Cuisine in Silverlake. Adam used to cook there, and its a personal favorite of The Vegan Potluck. Get The Salad and the lemonberry cake. Every. Single. Time.
  • One of Adam’s favorite collaborations was with NadaMoo (vegan) ice cream. Together they created the ice cream cone doughnut. Swoon!
  • On the savory side, Adam loves to collaborate with the Herbivorous Butcher for their vegan meats and Miyoko’s for her stellar vegan cheeses. We’re talking rueben croissants and fully-stuffed pizza croissants! Follow the links to purchase your own; both companies ship nationwide.
  •  When Adam finds time to leave his booth at festivals, he heads for Clean South for their vegan popcorn chicken and BBQ soy curls.
  • Want to try some of the best vegan cheese in LA? Check out Adam’s pick, Blode Kuh in various LA stores and farmer’s markets.
  • On the rare occasion when Adam eats out, he heads to Shojin for a sit down meal. However, for a more casual outing, he noted Organix and Cena Vegan for their nostalgia-inducing burritos and classic Mexican fare.
  • Adam’s final words of wisdom: NEVER dunk a fresh chocolate chip cookie.
  • Adam has the food covered, but you can get so much more at Thrive Market! Stock up on sustainable home products like cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, soaps, and even vitamins and probiotics! The Vegan Potluck listeners get a special discount.


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