6: Charlie’s Brownies

Let’s talk brownies. In Episode Six we’re taking a deep dive into chocolatey indulgence with the Brownie Man himself, Charlie Fyffe. Charlie’s brownie (and blondie) creations are a staple at Southern California vegfests; vegans and non-vegans alike flock to his booth for his warm brownie sundaes with toppings galore – think rich fudgy brownie topped with vegan vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce, nuts, coconut bacon, and a strawberry. He also wows the crowd with his bronuts (brownie donuts) and brownie ice cream sandwiches. What’s even sweeter? All of his brownies and blondies are gluten-free (celiac’s rejoice!). Join the fun as Charlie and I talk about vegfests, social responsibility, and brownie mountains. Click below to listen, and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review and share!

Show Notes:

  • What Charlie brought to the potluck: his $30 brownie mountain (listen to find out what that entails).
  • What Tanya brought to the potluck: Oh, Ladycakes Cherry Crumb Pie. Best. Pie. Ever.
  • A word on ice cream, because brownies and ice cream are the dessert equivalent to peanut butter and jelly. Charlie’s favorite ice cream (vegan or otherwise) is New York’s Nutty Bunny. Toronto’s Pleasantville Creamery is a close second. When not partnering with the local vegan ice cream shop, Charlie reaches for Coconut Bliss for his stand-out brownie, blondie, and bronut sundaes.
  • Besides brownies, he has a sweet tooth for Yvonne’s vegan cheesecakes and Yoga-urt’s kombucha floats.
  • At SoCal vegan events, Charlie has recently been leaning toward Todo Verde for their vegan ceviche and unique mole. He also gives a shout out to New York-based Chickpea & Olive for their plant-based comfort food (he loves their burgers).
  • Charlie raved about Ted Lai’s homemade vegan breakfast sandwich as the best savory thing he ate recently. Check out Ted’s episode on The Vegan Potluck!
  • Charlie’s restaurant picks: 1). Au Lac. He recommends the off-menu vegan octopus. 2). Suncafe. 3). Mohawk Bend. It’s known for its pizzas, but Charlie gravitates to the vegan chili fries and burgers.
  • Don’t forget about Thrive Market! Stock up on your brownie sundae essentials for less so you can create your own brownie mountain! The Vegan Potluck listeners get a special discount.
  • Build that brownie mountain in a coconut bowl from Coconut Bowls.  All podcast listeners get 10% their entire purchase with the code THEVEGANPOTLUCK. Browse their unique and sustainable bowls, utensils, and even candles to add flair to your kitchen and promote sustainability.


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