5: Ted Lai

Vegan MacGyver, WokWildside, Plant Alchemy…the many names of the Orange County-based home chef, Ted Lai. Obviously, Ted wears quite a few hats. Outwardly, he is a friendly, normal dad with a full-time job, but peel back that layer and you’ll find a vegan culinary enthusiast and entrepreneur. In Episode 5, Ted and I geek out on epic potlucks (he’s known for them), bread-making, what to do with vegan meats & cheese, and how make vegan ice cream in a hotel ice bucket.Click the link below to listen, and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, review, and share!

Show Notes:

  • Coconut Bowls Discount! All podcast listeners get 10% their entire purchase with the code THEVEGANPOTLUCK. If you listened to the episode, you know how awesome these bowls are. Browse their unique and sustainable bowls, utensils, and even candles to add flair to your kitchen and promote sustainability.
  • What Ted brought to the potluck: homemade brunch, complete with kombucha, biscuits, tempeh bacon, Kiave salt, sliced tomatoes, avocado, air-fried potatoes, vegan cheddar sauce, green smoothie,
  • What Tanya brought: A bag of Stache Coffee from the Mariner’s Church farmer’s market in Irvine (Ted insisted he do the cooking – I didn’t protest).
  • Put down that sriracha, Yellowbird Sauce is the new hot condiment. Find it online or at your local Whole Foods.
  • Ted thanks The Sexy Vegan for growing his brand, as well as Pollution Studios & Vegan Outreach for editing and distributing his genius Vegan MacGyver videos.
  • Be on the lookout for another of Ted’s popups at Cocobella Creamery, or just stop by for their phenomenal non-dairy ice cream (both Ted and I love the Blueberry Cheesecake).
  • Ted didn’t go to culinary school, but he is a proud graduate and eager advocate for Rouxbe culinary school, a completely plant-based online cooking certification course.
  • When he isn’t whipping up multi-course meals at home, Ted heads to his favorite local vegan restaurants, Vibe and Seabirds. 
  • Check out Ted’s guest post recipe for Easy Creamy Tomato Soup on Cowgirls and Collard Greens.
  • Don’t miss the FIX Long Beach Half St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser on September 16th in Lakewood, CA. Ted will be dishing up a completely vegan Irish meal to support this event. Purchase your ticket to help raise funds for FIX’s spay and neuter efforts and reduce the homeless pet population.

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