3: Vibe Organic Kitchen & Juice

Time for some balance. In Episode Three, I sit down with Josh Leibowitz at Vibe Organic Kitchen & Juice to obsess over vibrant, healthy, plant-based cuisine. Josh is the founder of this new quick casual eatery in Newport Beach, CA, which focuses on delivering crave-worthy whole food entrees at an affordable price. The menu may be devoid of gluten, soy, refined sugar, and fake meat, but it is certainly not lacking in the flavor department. We’re talking exciting, complex bowls rich in taste and texture, hearty veggie burgers piled high with unique toppings, perfect acai bowls, pick-me-up green juices, and even an un-fried cauliflower “chicken” and waffles with a sweet and spicy mushroom gravy you could eat by the spoonful.

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Show Notes:

  • *Shout out to Thrive Market! Basically, if Costco, TOMS, and Vegan Essentials had a three-way, Thrive would be the love child. Its an online market space for thousands of popular health foods and sustainable products. Thrive offers incredible discounts with its membership, and the company practices the “one for one” model in which they donate a membership to a person in need for every membership purchased.
  • What Josh brought to the potluck: the Vibe Fiesta Bowl.
  • If you’re in Orange County between 8am – 12pm on a Saturday, check out Josh’s favorite farmers market in Irvine.
  • See what all the hype is about at Cruciferous. Like so many others, Josh raved about their General Tso’s Brussels Sprouts.
  • For a sweet treat, visit Vibe and pick up a decadent raw vegan cheesecake by The Source.
  • Josh’s favorite brunch spots: Sage and Seabirds.
  • When he’s not eating at Vibe, he loves Plant Food & Wine in Venice for its ambience, and Organix in Eagle Rock for its indulgent deli of enormous vegan burritos, sandwiches, and burgers.



*No shame. I am a proud affiliate of Thrive Market. 

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